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Chains - Wallet and Key

Base Price

Price varies depending on the length of the chain, materials, and the weave. You can get a general idea of the price at the bottom of the page. To get an exact price, send us and email.

All chains are custom made to the length you request. The weaves you see on this page can be made into any length for either a wallet chain or a key chain. What's the "standard" length? For a key chain, most people prefer about 6" of chain. For a wallet chain, most people prefer either 16" of chain (short) or 22" of chain (long). We make a lot more 22" chains than 16" chains.

Chains are either made our of stainless steel (regular or blackened), brass, or anodized aluminum (variety of colors). Stainless steel and brass are much heavier than anodized aluminum. While the aluminum chains are significantly lighter, they are still strong. More than 80% of the chains people order are made of aluminum and we have not had any complaints. In the picture on the left, the far left chain is stainless steel (regular and blackened) and the other two chains are anodized aluminum.

If you order a chain at least 22" in length, the price includes either a trigger snap or leather belt keeper....your choice.

Not all chains are used as wallet chains. We sell a lot of shorter key chains.

Anodized aluminum is available is a variety of colors. We keep the following colors on hand: plain aluminum, black, red, blue, purple, yellow, gold, pink, orange, and a light green. Living in Wisconsin we've done a lot of green and gold. We have several friends involved in law enforcement (thin blue line) and the fire service (thin red line). We done combinations with pink for cancer survivors. You let us know what your tastes are and we'll try to get a chain to satisfy them.

Each ring size has an aspect ratio which dictates the weaves we can do with the different materials. We chose a ring with an aspect ratio that allowed us to produce a strong reasonably sized chain in our favorite weaves. The top left picture shows a Byzantine weave, the bottom left picture is a modified Turkish Round, and the bottom right picture is a Round 4-in-1.

To get an exact price on a chain, please email us:

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