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Gun Models

Holsters are currently available for the following firearms. We are not able to take possession of your personal firearm to make a custom holster for it. Thumb breaks are not available for firearms with a double asterix (**) notation.

1911 - Colt Gov't**

1911 - Colt Commander **

1911 - SIG Sauer Nitron **

1911 - Springfield Armory A1 **

1911 - Springfield Armory Operator **

1911 - Springfield Armory Micro Compact 3" **

Glock - 17, 19, 26, 43 (9mm)

Glock - 22, 23, 27 (.40)

Glock - 31, 32, 33 (.357)

Glock - 21, 30, 30s, 36 (.45)

Smith and Wesson - M&P 9/40 (4.25")

Smith and Wesson - M&P Compact 9/40 (3.5")

Smith and Wesson - M&P Shield 9/40

Smith and Wesson - M&P .45 (4.5")

Smith and Wesson - M&P .45 Compact (4.0")

Wait? There used to be more handguns on the list. That's true. I used to offer holsters for about twice as many handguns. I have significant obligations with my family and with my regular job. Thanks to great customers, business has gotten to the point where I can no longer manage the backlog. I contemplated closing the business, but the time I get to spend in my shop is incredibly therapeutic for me. Instead of closing, I chose to limit what I offer. I selected these handguns because they were by far the most popular models. Occasionally I make a holster from my old offerings and put it up for sale on my Etsy store.

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