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IWB Model "R" Holster

Designed for maximum concealment, this holster is popular among off-duty law enforcement and those with concealed carry permits. The mouth of the holster is reinforced with a piece of stainless steel hidden between the holster leather and reinforcement leather to help hold the holster open for one-handed holstering. The leather is hand molded to the firearm for proper fit and retention.

The belt loops secure with three way locking Pull-the-Dot snaps for security. The belt loops secure to the holster in a manner that the belt loops can easily be replaced if worn. The belt loops can be made for either a 1-1/2" or 1-3/4" belt.

Why is the leather reinforcement piece shaped as it is on the front of the holster? It's not just for looks, but I like the appearance. The reason is actually more practical. Many makers, even some of the most popular, cut the reinforcement piece straight across the front of the holster. Inevitably, the firearm starts rubbing on the thread inside the holster (particularly the ejection port on right handed holsters) and the thread frays. This shape allows the stitching on the reinforcement piece up come below the ejection port, helping to reduce damage inside the holster to the thread.

I do not offer carving on this style holster, but will do limited stamping on request.

An IWB holster is not for everyone. Some find it uncomfortable to have the additional bulk of a firearm inside their waistband. Others will only carry a firearm in an IWB holster because of its superior concealment properties. Please be sure you understand the pro's and con's of what this holster style has to offer before ordering.

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