Alsaker Custom Leather, LLC

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Leather Belt Key Keeper

These are not your run of the mill leather belt loop key holders. I use vegetable tanned native steer hides from the Hermann Oak Leather Company, considered one of the finest tanneries in the world. I only use premium hides, no utility or imported hides are used in my shop and I don't use belly leather. I use professional dyes designed for excellent penetration and color. The snaps have great holding strength and won't pop open by accident when you are out working or playing hard. The leather, dye, snaps, and key rings are all Made In The USA.

I purchase my exotic hides from only reputable vendors here in the USA. To line the exotic hide I use vegetable tanned leather. Please contact me for information on the exotic hides I currently have available.

The standard leather belt loop key holder comes with a 1-1/4" key ring. Most people prefer this size ring when they are going to be attaching keys to the ring. If you are going to attach the leather belt loop holder to a wallet chain, you may want to consider the 1" ring I offer as an option.

Did you know leather is the traditional 3 year wedding anniversary gift? I did not until a customer ordered a leather belt loop holder as an anniversary gift. Surprise your loved one with a hand made leather belt loop key / wallet chain holder.

**I am not a professional photographer. Lighting was used to capture quality images. The pictures were not adjusted in any way (no color adjustments, no special effects, etc.), except to add vignette around the edge of the image. Generally my experience has been that the color on the actual item tends to be darker than the images you see.**

Color options on the primary picture are (from left to right): natural, brown, mahogany, walnut, and black. They tend to be darker than the pictures show.