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OWB Model "H" Holster

This holster is designed as a medium ride concealment holster. The back plate design of the Model "H" keeps the pressure from the belt on the back plate and off of the body of the holster. Therefore, the holster body does not collapse when the firearm is drawn permitting one-handed holstering. The body of the holster is cut to allow for a full grip on the firearm, without the leather hitting or pinching your fingers.

The holster is lined with premium vegetable tanned leather.

The holster is available with or without a thumb break. On holsters with a thumb break, the stud for the snap on the back strap is sandwiched between the two pieces of leather, so it won't rub on the firearm. The snap socket is recessed into the thumb break.

The belt slots can be cut to accommodate a 1-1/2" or 1-3/4" belt.

Each holster is cut and hand molded for a specific firearm. This holster is built to be carried on the strong side hip. The holster has a slight forward cant of approximately 5 degrees.

Holsters with tooling or stamping are quoted individually. Exotic inlays of alligator, elephant, shark, ostrich leg, and stingray are usually available. Colors will vary and availability may be limited. I will email you photo's of the exotic hides I have in the shop on request.

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